Welcome to Straight Up Physics!

Are you a self-paced learner who is really curious about physics, particulary relativity and quantum theory? There are a mind-boggling number of resources available to us online, some of them excellent and some of them not so good. Are you a little bewildered and wondering where to start? Join us as we build a map to get us there together. We'll find the best materials out there and connect them together in an order that makes sense. We'll chart multiple paths through the material, some for casual learners and some for the more ambitious who want to dive in deep.

Did you know that you can get almost all of the instruction that comes with an undergraduate physics degree on line? Not only are there YouTube videos for almost anything you need, but there are also a great collection of problem assignments (with solutions). See the "From Newton to Einstein" guide (link provided, below left).

For a quick journey through some really interesting ideas (with a minimum of math!), I encourage you to keep an eye on my Perspectives on Space and Time series (see link, below left) which will be posted over the next several weeks as I revise, adapt, and extend some previously-written material for this new site.


Check it out, this is one baaad posse:

Solvay Conference 1927
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